Easy and Beautiful Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Yourself

Easy and Beautiful Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Yourself

by Amy Collett

Renovating your home can be expensive when you do a complete overhaul. However, you don’t need to gut your kitchen or bathroom to make your home look like new. There are a variety of small, easy projects that you can take on yourself without a lot of money or experience. Below, find inspiration for beautiful projects and discover how to get the most out of your efforts.

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Choosing Projects

When picking home improvement projects, you’ll want to take your skills and budget into consideration. Many projects look complicated but are actually easy to do if you have the right tools and instructions. You can master just about any skill if you watch enough YouTube videos.

As you decide on projects, you’ll probably focus on how the improvements will affect your family. However, home improvements can significantly affect your home’s value if you plan on selling in the near future. Keeping track of your expenses will help you show the value of the improvements you’ve made, which will come in handy during your home appraisal. An easy way to do this is by taking before and after photos and saving renovation receipts.

Easy Projects to Tackle

DIY shows on TV usually focus on whole-house renovations. However, it’s unrealistic for a do-it-yourselfer to take on a job of this scale. Instead, it’s best to focus on smaller projects or take on one area of the house at a time. Luckily, there are countless small home improvements that can make a huge impact.

In bathrooms and kitchens, using peel and stick tiles is an easy way to update an old backsplash or even the floors. Changing out the hardware on vanities and kitchen cabinets can also make a room look like new.

Elsewhere in the house, replacing dated-looking light fixtures can instantly transform a room. Most homeowners shy away from this type of project because it deals with electrical wiring. However, House Beautiful explains that it’s easy to switch off the power in your circuit breaker, which makes the project safe to do without an electrician.

While you’re dealing with lighting, you might also consider installing dimmer switches. Being able to dim the lights can instantly make your home feel cozier in the evenings.

Another easy way to class up any room is to install crown molding around the ceiling or at the top of your cabinets. Wooden molding requires a few more tools, but HomeSteady points out there are also peel-and-stick molding options for those without a miter saw. And don’t forget your home’s exterior. A new paint job goes a long way, as do landscaping upgrades.

Another way to spruce up your home is to clean your furniture. You can often DIY this job, but the type cleaning method you use will depend on the fabric. If there’s a stubborn stain that you can’t remove, you may have to call in professionals. You can find local furniture cleaning companies on sites like Angi and look over customer reviews and ratings. It’s a good idea to avoid companies that promise all-in-one cleaning solutions.

Where to Splurge

When tackling home improvements, you always have a choice of materials. Not only do your choices affect how your home looks in the end, it will also affect your budget. If you’re trying to save money, it’s probably tempting to choose the most affordable materials at every step in the process. However, as long as you are selective about where you use high-end materials, you can splurge on one or two areas of your home without going over budget.

The kitchen is one area where you might want to choose top-of-the-line materials. Given that you use your kitchen on a daily basis, features in this room may get worn out more quickly than in other areas if you don’t use good materials. Splurging on natural stone counters from Marble Trend, for example, can instantly give your whole kitchen a high-end look. Stone counters will stand the test of time, and you’ll love looking at them every time you step into the room. 

Many home improvement projects are easy to do yourself without any special expertise. With patience and an eye for detail, you can take on a wide variety of projects yourself to instantly beautify your home and boost its value. Keep in mind that even for easy projects, you’ll want to set a budget so you know where to save and where to splurge.

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